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Supply of railway spare parts

Passenger and freight rail transport in any case needs to be repaired. At the same time, he definitely needs high-quality spare parts, because the safety of goods and people directly depends on them. Our production company supplies railway spare parts throughout the Russian Federation. Transmash Limited Liability Company operates in the city of Tikhvin (Leningrad Region). The plant produces parts and assemblies for rolling stock of subway trains and other railway equipment.

We carry out supply of spare parts for:

  • running railway transport – the smoothness of train travel on rails directly depends on the quality of parts for the body support (the parts for the running gear include wheel pairs, springs, axle boxes, brake linkages, spring beams, vibration dampers, etc.);
  • shock-traction mechanisms – with their help wagons are combined with each other and, in fact, with a locomotive;
  • braking system – due to high-quality brakes, the speed of movement of trains decreases, the car stops smoothly, the train is held in place during parking (as a rule, rail transport is equipped with both automatic and manual brakes).

Naturally, both freight and passenger trains cannot travel without wagons. The main condition of any car is to ensure comfort and safety. For example, passenger cars are specially finished with heat-insulating materials to maintain a constant temperature inside.

railway parts


It should be noted that the Transmash Trading House is not an intermediary in the sale of spare parts for railway transport – all products are sold directly from the manufacturer. LLC was founded in 1994. Today, the company is an exclusive specialized enterprise for the manufacture and sale of parts for subway and railway equipment. The advantages of cooperation with the organization are objectively several:

  • specialists clearly fulfill all their obligations;
  • organized as soon as possible;
  • we have employees who have specialized specialized education;
  • at each stage of production of spare parts, their quality is checked for compliance with international quality standards.

We organize the transportation of spare parts for railway trains throughout Russia and to other countries. Thanks to well-developed logistics, all orders arrive at customers on time. Our experts are actively working on the creation of new types of products, are studying world experience in creating spare parts for railway transport. For the production of parts, the plant uses modern equipment, constantly introducing innovative techniques.

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