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Spare parts of the rolling stock of subway cars

The importance of timely diagnosis of railway trains and moving subway elements will help to get rid of unnecessary risks and reduce the possibility of dangerous situations. In the event of breakdowns, the reliable parts of the metro rolling stock should be selected. It provides a wide selection of items for subway trains: 81-717; Rusich 81-740 / 741; “Yauza” 81-720 / 721.

These modifications fully comply with recognized standards.

The railway spare parts of the metro rolling stock are officially guaranteed. Debugged production eliminates the possibility of marriage.

Transmash Limited Liability Company, city of Tikhvin, was founded in 1994 as a specialized enterprise for the production of parts and assemblies for rolling stock of subways and railway equipment.

On the initiative of the Moscow Metro rolling stock service, an agreement was concluded on the development and production of spare parts for subway cars with the transfer of all the necessary technical documentation.

To date, the main products of Transmash LLC are the production of spare parts for the rolling stock of subway cars. The main customer is the Moscow Metro. Also, supply contracts were concluded with the St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg metro, Mytishchi machine-building plant. Finished products are delivered annually to the Minsk Metro.

spare parts for subway cars

According to the changes in the legislative framework for concluding agreements with state institutions on the basis of electronic bidding, Transmash LLC from 2014 to 2016 participated in 15 (fifteen) competitive procedures conducted by the Moscow Metro.

Our company, constantly developing and improving the production base, selecting a qualified team of specialists, has successfully mastered the production of complex parts and assemblies for subway cars of the 81-717 / 714, 81-720 / 721 Yauza, 81-740 / 741 Rusich series and etc. A total of about 400 (four hundred) items. The production of new products is constantly increasing.

Availability of relevant documentation for subway car parts

Transmash LLC manufactures products according to the drawing and design documentation provided by customers. All CKD and changes in CKD are coordinated with the technical, design and technological services of the customer.

Price of spare parts for subway cars from the manufacturer

Spare parts for subway cars from the manufacturer will do without extra charges. All positions are affected by the value that is set at the factory itself. Since all orders are made directly by the sales department of the plant.

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