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String strain gauge to buy from the plant

Portable thermoelectric generators are indispensable for being outdoors, living in a country house and in the country. Such systems today are very in demand, because they help out in different life situations and allow you to recharge any gadgets without electricity. Transmash company offers an innovative development that provides electricity without connecting to an electrical network.

What is the device for?

In good weather, many tend to get out into the countryside and have fun with close people. If kebabs are grilled on the grill, unnecessary garbage is burned in a metal barrel, you can use a heat and power generator and recharge your phone or tablet. The device helps with interruptions in the supply of electricity in a country house or in the country.  A portable device solves a lot of these problems. Easy installation allows you to quickly connect it to a metal surface, later it can be easily removed and connected to another heating element. The equipment kit includes all the necessary components for installation and connection.

In natural conditions, sometimes the phone sits unexpectedly, and the portable battery remains at home. In such a situation, there is a way out – you can charge the device using a portable electric generator that works without a network. The clean energy released during fuel combustion usually goes into space forever.

Today it can be used and applied as intended. The generator is easily connected to any heated element, whether it is a brazier or a metal barrel, in which natural waste is burned. Through the USB jack, you can connect different devices and continue to enjoy outdoor recreation without the use of electrical networks. Such a thing is indispensable for lovers of long walks, trips to nature and connoisseurs of outdoor recreation. With it, you can enjoy music and not worry about running out of battery.

bonfire thermoelectric generator

Features and Benefits of Portable Heat Generators

The development is intended for summer residents, fishermen, tourists and all those who prefer to spend time in the fresh air. With it, you can get electricity anywhere, recharge with it phones, navigators, tablets, lights and other electronic gadgets. You can’t do without such devices when orienting yourself on the ground; they allow you to urgently call an ambulance and seek support. Therefore, a portable heat and power generator is indispensable. What are the advantages of a portable heat and power generator:

  • work from the barbecue, barrel or stove;
  • compactness and convenience of transportation;
  • use of natural energy without electricity;
  • quick assistance in case of power outages;
  • strong frame with strength and reliability.

The device can optionally be equipped with a solar battery. Small dimensions allow you to put it in a travel bag or car and use it as needed. An environmentally friendly way to get energy when burning a tree allows not only to preserve the environment, but also to enjoy the benefits of civilization in extreme conditions. The heat generator makes life easier and more comfortable. It allows you to protect people in case of unexpected power outages outside the city.

Characteristics of TRANSMASH thermoelectric generators

Model Parameters Note
TG 5 USB 5V / 1A-2A USB, 5000 mAh
TG 12/10 USB 12V / 2A USB / 5V / 30Ah / 12V Launcher 10A Additionally it can be equipped with a solar battery 12V / 1A, size A4

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