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RV2SH-957-G təkər dəstlərinin istehsalı
Výroba dvojkolí RV2SH-957-G

The company “Transmash” brings to your attention the wheelsets “RV2SH-Shp-957-G”, which are made of metal obtained from the steel plant. RV2SH-957-G wheelsets are manufactured according to TU 3183-079-44297774-2013 and according to design documentation 4701- (versions 4701- and 4701-

Designed for use in bogies of freight cars with axle load on rails of 25 tf and design speed of 120 km / h, intended for 1520 mm track gauge railways.

заказать колесную пару РВ2Ш-957-ГThese products are manufactured on modern equipment using the hot rolling method. The quality of the finished product is confirmed by certification. All metal products are created according to high-precision drawings, so the products have a high dimensional accuracy. In this case, the manufacture of products includes the complete processing of the inner surfaces of cylindrical headstocks, inner belts, ridges, without grinding or with partial grinding. All processing work is performed on high-precision equipment. The products have all the necessary documents of conformity, which confirm compliance with the established quality standards, as well as technical specifications. Orders for orders are marked by many car repair enterprises, which proves the reliability and high quality of the products.

Production of wheelsets for the Russian and EU markets

The production of wheelsets and running gears is carried out on modern computer-controlled equipment. Welding is carried out in an inert argon gas atmosphere with automatic temperature control. To create a high-quality weld point, the metal is heated to a certain temperature, after which it is welded, and annealed at the temperature. The control of finished products is also carried out using measuring instruments. In order to provide the necessary strength, as well as to increase the service life of the part, a heat treatment method is used. At the production stage, materials are also used that have the necessary properties to improve the performance of products. Before going on sale, the products undergo several validation tests for strength and reliability. At the same time, the production process is fully automated. Almost all operations are carried out without human intervention. This ensures reliability and a high level of production efficiency.


Settings and features Value
Feature TU 3183-001-01124336-2013
Distance between inner side surfaces of wheel discs, mm mm 1440
The difference in distance between the inner side surfaces of the wheels of a pair of wheels is defined as the difference between the maximum and minimum distances measured at four points on two mutually perpendicular planes. mm more than 1.5
The difference in wheel diameters along a circle rolling on a pair of wheels is no longer mm 1.0
There is not much difference in the distances from the ends of the axle lifting parts to the inner side surfaces of the wheel discs on one and the other side of the wheel set mm 3.0
Deviation from the coaxiality of the rolling circles of the wheels relative to the axis of the main surface, no more mm 1.0
End Bearings Front bearing cover: М211В1 and 3 bolts M24 or М211В2 and 4 bolts M20
Material consumption (weight) kg 1326
Material consumption without axle boxes kg 1240
Tolerance to material consumption ±5%

Wheel set RV2SH-957-G

купить колесную пару РВ2Ш-957-ГThe wheel set is an important part of a passenger train, as the main load falls while the car is moving. Not only comfort during the trip, but also the reliability of the whole train depends on the correct choice of wheel sets. The wheels are part of the bogey and perform the load-bearing function. These products are in the form of steel wheels. They are mounted on the axle. Potential buyers can see on our website how the KP NONK RV2SH 4701- wheel set resembles the RV2SH-G. In this case, the image is for informational purposes only and more information can be obtained from the managers. To do this, contact them by phone or leave a request on the website. Experienced staff will advise you on the choice of tire set and help you order the product. Transmash values ​​its reputation, so we try to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their work. This is facilitated by attractive prices and quality service.


How to order a wheel set RV2SH-957-G without axle boxes

You can buy a set of NONK tires using the contact form on the company’s website, which includes the terms, price and delivery time of the goods. To order, you must send an application from the website indicating the phone number, selected option and product number. It is also possible to send a request via email. Or call us

The price of wheel sets is formed individually for each customer, as it depends on the type and manufacturer of the car. The number of finished products is not limited to anything – you can order a set of wheels directly from the manufacturer. Both large industrial enterprises and small organizations work with us to purchase high-quality wheel sets for freight cars at low prices. RV2DSH-014-G tires are delivered to any region of Russia. Products are transported on special platforms, which allows them to be protected from damage during transport.

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