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В Новосибирске проведен ремонт состава метро уникальным методом

The underground car 81 717 is a legendary model that was first produced at the Mytishchi Engineering Plant in the 1970s. The most massive series of the Soviet period totaled more than 4000 copies. Since the first experimental carriage, the exterior and equipment of modern models have changed significantly, many different modifications have appeared, but they have remained popular – they are produced to this day.

The history of the metro train 81,717

Until the 1970s, trains in the USSR were mainly formed by type E wagons and their modifications. In 1973, the series I cars were put to the test. They were much lighter than their predecessors, since they were equipped with an aluminum body. The subway train cars 81,717 were originally planned as a transition link between the series; they were released for testing purposes in 1976.

The subways lacked trains, and the I series did not pass the test, so the mass production of model 81 717 cars was established. The number plates got their name because of the lack of an alphabetic designation – they were test ones, only numbers were assigned to them. Wagon 81 717 is the main motor car, and 81 714 is the intermediate one. Since 1977, all were produced in blue, with two stripes on the sides. They differed from the E series not only by their exterior, but also by more powerful engines.

Modifications to the composition 81 717

The metro car 81 717 is the basic model of the head car, the development of the project of which began in the early 1970s. At the same time, 81,714 are being built on the basis of the Ezh2 design – without a driver’s cab. For these projects, the first six wagons were produced – three head cars and three intermediate ones. The first changes to the project were made by the distillery, since then the compositions were modernized and various modifications were produced: export models for the entire post-Soviet space.

Modifications of the car 81 717 for Russia

The Moscow and other cities metro did not stop deliveries of modernized cars – they were equipped with power supplies and electrical contact installations. Since 1987, they have launched the new 81 717.5 / 714.5 with improved safety and fire extinguishing systems, an alarm system and an increased reliability trolley. In the 1990s, they launched the 81 717.5M / 714M5 series. They differed slightly from the previous version in the exterior, replaced worn-out structures and supplemented the park.

Until 2011, Metrovagonmash delivered this series throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Capital modernization took place in 2007-2009. New models 81 717.6K / 714.6K and 81 717.6 / 714.6 appeared, equipped with fiberglass cabs for drivers, an improved remote control, and an updated electrical system.

Metro car export 81-717


Modifications of the car 81 717 for export

After the start of serial production of wagons, they became interested in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and other countries. In this regard, new modifications of the compositions appeared:

  • Modifications for 81 717.1 / 714.1 were issued for Prague. The Prague metro overhauled the electric train, and the wagons changed numbers to 81 71M.
  • Wagons 81 717.2 / 714.2 were delivered to Hungary, and were designed for a narrower gauge. Their modified versions still operate in the Budapest metro.
  • The delivery of the 81 717.3 / 714.3 series was carried out to Warsaw long before the opening of the subway in 1990. At this point, 10 cars have already arrived in Poland.
  • For the capital of Bulgaria, a modification of wagons 81 717.4 / 714.4, which were also waiting in the wings until 1998, was produced and delivered.

The cars of these modifications were improved and modified, but one thing remained unchangeable – it was 81,717 that laid the foundation for many models that are successfully operating today.

Production of spare parts for the model of metro cars 81 717

Today, the metro parks of Moscow and other cities of Russia are constantly replenished with new, modernized models. They are equipped with more comfortable passenger seats, the exterior is changed and supplemented with the necessary equipment and technical solutions. Modifications of the composition 81-717.6 / 714.6 are scattered across the territory of the Russian Federation and now – in 2019, two compounds were delivered to Yekaterinburg. Their service life is at least 30 years, so the wagons in use will last a long time. Of course, subject to the normal functioning and replacement of failed mechanisms.

Even the most reliable rail transport periodically needs to be repaired, so there is always a need for spare parts. The Transmash plant has been manufacturing spare parts for model 81 717 cars for many years, and collaborates with Metrovagonmash and other major customers of the country: the subways of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and St. Petersburg. The partners of the company are in Poland, Bulgaria and Armenia. For more than 20 years, brackets, bushings, collars, shock absorbers, electrical equipment and many other products, components and mechanisms have been manufactured on high-precision equipment here:

  • Production of spare parts and components for railway wagons.
  • Production of spare parts for rolling stock
  • Production of spare parts for diesel locomotives and locomotives.
  • Production of parts and spare parts according to individual drawings submitted by customers.
  • Development of new drawings of any complexity.


Scheme of the metro car 81-717

The legal address of the company is in Tikhvin, Leningrad Region, but you can order Transmash products on the website. Delivery is made to all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign countries. The advantage of working with the company is that any spare parts and mechanisms can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, without any extra charges from intermediaries.

The Transmash company guarantees the quality of products, the control of quality control and the availability of technical documentation for ESKD for each product. The product range is more than 400 types of products, so here you can find all the necessary spare parts so that even old cars last for many more years.

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