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The mini-metro in the very center of Moscow is a new project of 2001. For its implementation, it was required to develop a small length and tonnage of wagons. It was then that the project “subway car type Rusich” was presented. The history of its appearance, description, features, modification and much more can be found in the information provided below.

History of the Rusich metro train

In 2001, instructions were given to design new subway cars. They should have the ability to be underground and on its surface. Development, installation, commissioning had a limited time of 1.5 years. The tender received Metrovagonmash. Wagon Rusich took shape in the drawing. Its prototype was the previously released 81-720.1 / 721.1 Yauza. Finally, taking into account all the improvements and improvements in the brake system, a car consisting of four buildings was launched in mid-2005.

The body had the appearance of a trapezoidal shape. The material from which it is made is steel. Its design involves the articulation of two sections into one. In this case, the frame rests on 3 trolleys. One of them is located under the articulated element, which ensures proper load distribution.

The design of the carriage is designed so that its light weight helps with cornering with a small radius. In this case, there should not be a decrease in speed. Traction motors are located in the front and rear bogies. Medium does not have a motor.

The interior design of the car is represented by nine window openings and two doors for each section. Seats for passengers are quite long. Can accommodate 9 subjects. They have soft inserts for the comfort of seated persons. A wagon of the Rusich type has lighting using two lines of lighting devices, speakers for warning, and fire safety sensors. There is a heating and ventilation system in the design.

Modifications to the Rusich roster

To date, released such types of this lineup:

  • 81-740 / 741;
  • 81-740A / 741A;
  • 81-740.1 / 741.1;
  • 81-740.4 / 741.4
  • 81-740.2 / 81-741.2 (81-740.2Б / 81-741.2Б) – model for export.

Modifications of the Rusich car for Russia

81-740 / 741 – this is the first option, having the original name “Scythian”, 4 doorways on each side, blind-looking end windows. This type of car is used in the metro in the Butovo direction. 81-740A / 741A is equipped with special technical components.

81-740.1 / 741.1 has a new modification of the heating, ventilation system. The body on the outside has a coating that is made using polyurethane material. 81-740.4 / 741.4 has three doors for convenient boarding / disembarking of passengers in the intermediate sections, a security system against jamming, but fewer seats.

Modifications of the Rusich car for export

Wagons “Rusich” for delivery to foreign countries have the following identification: 81-740.2 / 81-741.2, 81-740.2B / 81-741.2B. their main customers are the metro located in Sofia in Bulgaria. It is operated on the metro line, the gauge of which has indicators of 143.5 cm. The first cars were sent in 2005 to this customer.


Production of spare parts for the Rusich metro car model 81-740 / 741

For the reliable operation of these types of subway cars, a partner was engaged in the production and provision of spare parts. This is a plant that has a wide range of production capabilities – Transmash LLC.

We are constantly developing and introduce new, modern technologies of high-quality production. Our products comply with the requirements of our products. Our factory constantly monitors the quality of its products, which makes us a trusted supplier of the necessary components for the Rusich wagon.

Company Advantages:

  • Product quality. At all stages of the production of products, they pass careful control, which guarantees their quality indicators.
  • A large assortment. Transmash LLC supplies any products that are required for any repair, replacement of out-of-service parts, for full equipment produced on the line of wagons, for their preparation for use.
  • A guarantee is provided for all delivered products that have the necessary certification, standardization in accordance with established standards.
  • Spare parts for cars of the Rusich type have the necessary logistics. This avoids unnecessary overhead.
  • Due to the demand for their products, direct deliveries without intermediaries, the company pricing policy implies a reasonable cost of goods.
  • Assistance to consultants in the selection and purchase of the necessary spare parts.

How can I order the necessary components:

  1. Make a request by phone or online on the site.
  2. Get advice, learn about current commercial offers.
  3. An agreement is concluded, after which there is packaging, delivery of the ordered goods with guaranteed quality and all necessary documentation.

Transmash LLC has twenty years of experience, which allowed it to expand production and conclude contracts for the supply of its products not only to Russian cities, but to neighboring countries and far abroad countries. When ordering parts and accessories from an official company representative, you can count on the quality and reliability of all products at a reasonable price directly from the manufacturer.

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