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Two decades ago, the first model of the Yauza car resembled a spaceship in comparison with modern numbered subway cars. The frontal part of it was crude, but modern at that time. For many, it was associated with a robot or with something futuristic. The opaque front end looked like an old picture tube with a TV not turned on. Many different modifications and the modern “Yauza” can not be recognized. The modern model is a train with convenient anti-vandal seats in the cabin, orange handrails of the correct form and with an electronic screen above the door.

History of the Yauza metro train 81-720 / 721

The machine-building enterprise in Mytishchi was the first to design an experimental model of electric rolling stock. This happened in 1987 after some research on a proven concept. A long collective work in the years 90-91 ended with the fact that the world was presented with the latest electric train of five cars. Later such a model was called the Yauza metro car 81-720 / 721.

A train car of this kind was equipped with a standard model of a collector traction drive. Later it was equipped with a high-quality asynchronous drive. For this, scientists modified the traction substation. After all, for the test it was necessary to ensure sufficient voltage. Since there was no rail for contact on the railway platform, a pantograph was installed on the roof of the train for testing.

Some time passed before the first tests, and at the end of the summer of 1993 they conducted the first traction energy tests. To the great frustration, such a load the composition did not withstand. Later, during the tests, it emerged that those power thyristors that were purchased for an electric drive of the whole composition turned out to be a fake. An employee at the factory issued the lowest class parts as the best. For obvious reasons, after a short time, the parts broke.

Over time, the idea of ​​the composition was corrected, the tasks for electricians were simplified. Soon, the Dynamo plant released another wagon train. It was distinguished by a standard commutator engine and pulse traction control. In the same year, authorities evaluated the work of the train in the Moscow metro.

Yauza type car in the Moscow metro

Modifications to the composition of the Yauza 81-720 / 721

Today, an experimental train is used in all subways of Russia and many foreign countries. Passengers move on the trains of the Yauza model and modified types not only of the Moscow metro, but also of the Minsk metro and others.

Modifications of the car “Yauza” 81-720 / 721 for Russia

Twenty years ago, the Metrovagonmash plant produced a rolling stock. The first models had an Alstom induction motor. Later, two models were tested with an asynchronous traction drive of the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi, and the third with a set of asynchronous domestic motors.

Modifications of the car “Yauza” 81-720 / 721 for export

Five years ago, the Budapest Metro launched a competition for the modernization of wagons. It involved 6 companies. Metrovagonmash presented the rolling stock of the 2000s, with which it won the competition. Initially, the cars were equipped with a relay-contact system, and the modified ones were equipped with Hitachi asynchronous traction drive (Japanese company). The brake system also began to be used by the German company Knorr-Bremse over time. ”

Production of spare parts for the Yauza metro car model 81-720 / 721

For many years, the TRANSMASH LLC factory has been manufacturing parts for carriages. Thanks to high-precision equipment, a modern enterprise produces high-quality parts for this model of wagons. Over the years, the plant has expanded its field of activity and today guarantees the quality and reliability of all manufactured parts. Such specifications explain the existence of an official warranty for a long period. Quality products exclude the possibility of marriage.

A part of the TRANSMASH plant products is presented in the form of spare parts for rolling subway carriages. Finished products are supplied not only for the Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg metro. A single modification of spare parts is used in many countries, therefore the company sells products not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Armenia, Poland, etc. A large assortment of items (about 400 types of products). The number of manufactured products is only increasing.

All products are manufactured according to the design documentation provided by customers. All documentation is agreed with the technical, engineering and technological services of the customer. Spare parts directly from the manufacturer do not have an extra charge. All items have a price set by the manufacturer. The order itself can be placed directly with the sales department of the enterprise.

The company is constantly evolving and improving. The production base is expanding, qualified staff is being selected for employees who have successfully mastered the production of complex parts and assemblies for rolling stock. The customer base is only growing. The staff has extensive experience in the production of complex parts and assemblies for subway carriages. The company introduces the development of new products.

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